With the vast fan base powering over several websites, Option Designs, a digital marketing agency, develops customized WordPress themes to give you full control over your content and choices—a strong team with flexibility and extensibility.

We can provide

  • Brand purpose
  • Brand story
  • Organising brand idea (Big idea)
  • Key messages and proof points
  • Personality traits
  • Brand values

Need Brand Identity Design?

The flexibility empowers your marketing teams to control all website content and assets.
Custom templates and components also extend your website for future ideas and features. WordPress website development is an art that we have perfected over the years, and it naturally benefits us as we have been one of the first movers in WordPress web development.

Engage, grow, and optimize.
We help you achieve your business goals by providing engaging content, seamless CX & UX, SEO-friendly, and Social Media Savvy.

Our experts are available to help you with any issue if you may have, from server maintenance, troubleshooting to technical integrations. Combining the best architecture experience, each WordPress web developer that we have on our team is committed to creating and contributing towards excellence.

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