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April 9, 2021
April 5, 2021

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The central focus was to bring a new face for the Brand. We focused on creating a captivating story to enthrall the audience, the intent was to accelerate the sales and Brand’s notoriety.


How does an online supermart store raise the standards of online grocery purchasing ?
PepperTap is an app which provides online grocery delivering services which wants to amplify the Brand gross through the medium of video advertising and printing.

Challenge was to differentiate the Brand’s take at the marketing level and enhance the strategy to stand out from its competitors in terms of advertisement. We wanted PepperTap to be a household name and for that we had to reach to our audiences with something that is quirky, witty, engrossing and out of the box.

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Our expertise came up with stimulated ideas and made appealing campaigns which turned over as a big blockbuster for the Brand. The campaigns helped them to get a great spike in the numbers of the orders. We executed two campaigns, first one was a YouTube advertisement and the second one was a newspaper ad.

Youtube campaign –

We came up with a communication ‘bahut aasan hai’ that is most commonly used to depict the ease. We made three YouTube advertisements and the campaign spins around a situation of a young couple where the wife loses her cool as she runs out of groceries and fights with her husband to bring them instantly at when husband opens the PepperTap app and orders. Which indicated that PepperTap gives you ease, comfort and convenience to order from your couch on lazing at home.

Newspaper ad –

We coined an idea of the evolution of a grocery buyer. Through our creative we showcased the way grocery buying has been done till date and how it has evolved over a period of time. By the medium of an ad we have shown how easy it is for a modern guy to buy groceries with a tap on his phone.


Whole campaign turned out to be a big blockbuster for the Brand. It not only received awareness but also helped in the sales escalations.

YouTube campaign

The ads were so relatable and catchy that it not only turned heads towards it but also sparked the scales with a whopping number of orders in a one month long YouTube campaign.

Newspaper ad

The evolution print ad in The Hindu was a big hit. A whopping number of more than 40,000 orders came the same day and went right across the minds of customers and also impressed one and all.

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