Website Design

Website Design is the heart of any Brand.

The consumer perceives what we show them. A well-designed website gives an impression of better acquired skills and raises Brand awareness. Good Web Designs become the centre of attraction and seamlessly imbibe brand strategy through a visual semblance. We deliver high-performance responsive websites equipped with content rich interfaces that leverage the technical intricacies with ease.

The website of any Brand is a success when people visit your platform to solve their query, challenge, or problem.

Guess we all want that.

We can provide

  • Brand purpose
  • Brand story
  • Organising brand idea (Big idea)
  • Key messages and proof points
  • Personality traits
  • Brand values

Need Website Design?

Our Services

Ecommerce websites

We strike our aim to build your website in a cost-effective yet admirable way. We use new fascinating features to enhance your website layout. We go through the Brand’s product variety and their description to get a thorough understanding of the Brand’s service.

Responsive Website

We are all living in an era where we can find, connect or use anything through the internet no matter where we are. We design flexible websites that a user can easily use on any device be it Mobile phones, laptops, tabs or computers.

Logo design

The logo is the face of a Brand, it showcases the Brand’s identity and its uniqueness. We focus on making a logo that works as the first impression to the user, we make it endearing yet illuminating about your services and if a company owns a Logo earlier then we can refurbish it in the most striking way possible.

Graphic design

Our designer’s prowess in making a website can help you build an identity. we build a website in a most communicative way which can further help in Brand recognition. Our designers carve out the ideas in a more pleasant yet informative way.

Why choose us?

A well-designed website can boost conversion rates, we design the website in a way that propels the website visitors to take a call to action. Our effective way of website design can help your Brand improve the layout, text, and online forms that will increase sales. To perform better, we keep track and measure the user journey throughout to understand what pages are getting more traffic. Web analysis gives us insights to modify the website designs. It helps us to build new features to make your website more rousing and delightful.

Components of Website design

Coming with a decade long experience, we Option Designs, one of the best website agencies in Gurugram collaborate to build the website from scratch. Our experts work with a supple yet nimble team that stands by the time & budget. Our process encompasses diverse elements consisting of designing systems, creating icons, colours choice, fonts, webpage layout, and content formation. We help Brands build a smooth website layout that proves to meet all their targeted goals competently.

We design the website through user experience, keeping in mind all of the factors that the website should be easy to load & use, all the options and signs should clearly visible, the layout should be spacious, and the design should be user friendly. We build an easy and well-implemented website with good SEO performance that grabs the interest of users.

UI Design pattern

Our designers are specialized in both UI and UX design, we provide the best to our clients. We start it by forging and laying a solid base of the design. Our designers create designs that can be easily usable along with easily intuitive navigation. We focus on making it more endearing to people which will further lead them to visit again or take a call to action. We do it by making buttons, label icons, and using proper alignments whilst keeping the Brand consistency the same.

User experience design

User experience design is all based on how your website visitor is responding to it. Is the website design satisfactory? No! Well, we’ve got your back!

Due to the constant changes in Google algorithms, UX is essential for the Brand to get to know about your user likes and dislikes. We keep a constant track of how the user is responding to the website and then design it in a pleasant way with the help of SEO and CRO. Our teams make efficient user-focused designs which further gives a smoother user experience.

Brand identity

Website is the body of your Brand, it speaks about your services. It should be built in a way that reflects the thoughts about your performance and approach.

Our process of making a website lies in building trust amongst you and your Business, a good experience can increase the escalation in your lead generation.

We collaborate with your team to produce an effective, structured and easy to use design while keeping the Brand tonality undisturbed.

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