April 7, 2021
April 3, 2021

Slide BENQ Accelerated the sales of
a product-Led mnc
through serving an
exemplary Strategy


The brief was to reposition the Brand and build Brand equity. Our primary focus was to create a stirring approach to the targeted audience and to increase the Brand gross and conversions.


Challenge was to keep a communicative approach to the audience, basically to create an intriguing strategy to emotionally connect the product’s approach and engage the audience which will captivate them to buy the product. Produce a campaign to which the audience can relate to and can increase the sales.


After several brainstorming sessions our team thought of an idea to connect the product’s approach with a family scenario. Therefore, we came up with an idea to bring the lights on BenQ projectors which will symbolize the connection of family’s quality time, in which the whole family is sitting and chilling together while watching a movie or sports on the BenQ projectors.

The communication was “CONNECT TO RECONNECT” which was indicating that connect BenQ projectors to reconnect with your loved ones.


This campaign was a great success to the Brand which took over both on the online and offline platforms. The company received 1000 queries that led to conversions as well and the campaign resulted in both Brand awareness and customer retention.

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