April 3, 2021
April 1, 2021

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JMS, after the success of Marine Square wanted to relaunch its most awaited retail destination project, Crosswalk that consists of offices, retail shops, restaurants, food courts, and much more. During the previous launch of the project, nearly 70% of the property was sold, but the project came to a standstill because of the coming of new real estate rules and regulations like RERA, etc. With the authorization and receiving of RERA license the project was relaunched with new branding and strategies.


The brief was to create a concept and campaign-based approach to target their multiple audiences and customers. The first challenge for us was to create a logo that would not only define the brand’s old values but would also set new standards for the client. A key requirement was to provide the client with a new and revamped logo, but since the logo already has a brand image among the customers, not much was changed in it, so that the customers may not create a perception that some other project was launched by JMS.

The second challenge for us was to create a strategy that would help them to sell the 30% of the left property, as it has been already been launched earlier. We need to come up with communication which should be focused on selling units which were not sold yet and at the same time gives the feel of relaunch without using the word ‘Re-launch’.


How we raised the bar for JMS Crosswalk.

We, at Option Designs, a rebranding advertising agency, came up with the integrated solution of traditional media bringing the past and the present together. With any brand refresh there’s always a great opportunity to elevate the marketing mix by bringing fresh thinking, new formats and alternative channels. Our creative theme mixed the old with the new by keeping the previous logo look and feel same while on other hand we picked up important elements of
previous logo i.e. arch. To give logo a modernistic appeal we created a unit using the letters ‘C’ & ‘W’ from the product’s name and thoughtfully placed the arch in the letter ‘C’ with ‘W’. We kept the font of the brand name same which helped in keeping the essence of previous logo preserved and gave a modern look on the other hand.

For communication we need to come up with an authentic proposition which would directly hit the customer’s mind. For Crosswalk, it was the perfect platform to roll-out and express the brand’s old spirit, design style and segmented messaging to their key customers. Our solution consisted of a rich and vivid look-and-feel combined with a characterful tone of voice to help them create a distinctive personality and consistent style in the minds of their audience. So a few units left, we came up with the idea to link these few pending units with prestige to invest. The communication which we drive was “GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY FOR THE CHOSEN FEW”. To support this communication and to link it with the prestige we used a royal chair in the creative.


The rebranding campaign resulted in escalation in the sales of the project and effectively caught many customers’ attention. JMS got a good response and nearly 15-16 leads were generated through the newspaper advertisement while major response came from the kiosks and hoarding ads. It was an excellence through specialism.

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