April 14, 2021
Nova Dairy
April 9, 2021

Slide BODYCARE Rebranding with a focus on
elevating The identity
of a kids lifestyle
apparel Brand


Our purpose was to rebrand and position BodyCare as a leading Brand in the lifestyle apparel industry. To regenerate the Brand look and feel, we decided to redesign their identity which would give them a recognition and modify the Brand to better reflect their zealous vision they had for their service.


How do you help a lifestyle apparel Brand to break new grounds and transform their business to become one of the pioneering Brands?

Bodycare Kids is a prominent name involved in the production of kids products that have revolutionized the kids apparel and thermal industry. Bodycare International is also known for providing the best quality and technology in apparels at the best prices.

  1. The first challenge was to give a new identity to the Brand, They demanded to upgrade their logo, we modified the logo with a vision to make it look more high-toned and upmarket without effacing the Brand tonality.
  2. The second challenge was to create a strategy and communication that would help the Brand to elevate more sales.


We made a strategy to revamp the logo and rebuild a new identity for the Brand. Our creative team redesigned it in a way which would symbolize the service. They placed a playing kid inside the ‘B’ letter and kept the rest of the letters simple yet catchy.

Keeping the fact that it is a kids apparel Brand in mind, we built a communication that says “Kids ka happy fashion” encompassing three factors which includes style, comfort and fashion.

We pulled off the plan from reframing the whole packaging structure and marketing strategies. After redesigning the logo, the next step was to create a marketing approach to increase the Brand awareness. We came up with an idea to introduce Shilpa Shetty as the Brand ambassador of Bodycare. We did Branding all over India on a massive scale, from hoarding to the hut and Inshop Branding.


The rebranding strategy turned as a massive Blockbuster for the Brand. It transformed the Brand into a pioneering one in the industry. Now, Bodycare has its own identity and the strategy quickly grabbed many customer’s attention.

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