July 27, 2021
4700 BC
July 26, 2021



We came up with an internal transformation strategy to onboard all the distributors and associates in the network and propel them with digital proficiency to accelerate growth.
Our strategy was to transform the connectivity chain of Amway associates and distributors by promoting their networking business on social media while acknowledging them about the digital platforms and integrating it into their digital system.


Stakeholders were not really social media savvy. Also, there was a lack of framework ecosystem to execute Amway’s vision of going digital with the business.
They wanted a consolidated platform where they could teach, monitor, educate and empower people who were partnering with Amway for their business because Amway is a people-oriented company.
So the challenge was how to execute their network as they didn’t have a social presence for their distributors and associates, how did we upskill them with our social media strategy and how our approach benefited the brand?


Our approach helped them in segregation, classifying and creating proper hierarchy with better communication. We gave them the idea to create a uniform digital platform for Amway distributors and partners. Secondly, we helped them to create an interactive brand experience with our communication and ideas. We created several creatives and video content assets for their Instagram and other social media platforms. We provided them a brief about how they should get into digital transformation along with taking their initiatives digitally so we started this with doing their internal communication by coming up with the idea of connecting their partners, associates and everyone involved with them from the bottom to the top through the single digital platform. This helped them to reach a broader audience.


We helped them to leverage their digital platform when everyone is staying in norms. Our right ideas and connecting strategy helped them to grow in numbers.
● We helped them to go and grow digitally.
● Guided them to create their community for Amway products.

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