July 27, 2021
April 14, 2021

Slide 4700 BC


Our strategy was to launch unique designed packaging for Brand 4700 BC to increase their brand awareness and market reach. We came up with creating colorful designed packaging that symbolizes the ingredient inside the product.


Gourmet popcorn is not something that every person is aware of, so making a thriving and unique packaging was our biggest challenge. Our approach was to keep 4700 BC packaging unique and different from its competitors and to increase its reach among the people about the brand and what they offer.
4700BC offers a wide range of flavored popcorns which includes country caramel, nutty tuxedo, thai golden cheese, cajun, BBQ, sour cream, onion chocolate, and salt popcorn among others available in mini, small, and regular packaging, providing customers with freshly packed gourmet popcorn and savory snacks.
How did our rebranding approach help 4700BC to get the right scale of promotion and recognition among the consumers?
● Our first challenge was to identify places and explore new markets and touchpoints where 4700 BC can be pushed to increase their sales and modify the packaging to suits the demands of the consumers.
● The second challenge was to create a strategy to launch small packets for 4700 BC that are portable


Our creative team went to different market places to research and to know the consumer needs for our better understanding of the Brand product to perceive what kind of packaging was running in the market at that time. We collected different flavour and ingredient packets of the brand and their competitors to know what are the points that the brand and its other competitors talk about on the back of their packaging. So on the basis of all the research and conclusion, we completed the packaging part from our end successfully.


● We aligned the design and innovated the packaging with attractive colors and new-age graphics to make it look classy and modish.
● We identified Indian Railways as a potential medium where people might want to have popcorn on the go so we designed handy packs to suit the requirements in the trains and came up with innovatively engaging and colorful packaging.


Our right marketing and rebranding strategy proved out as a winner that introduced a whole new set of market consumers and travel industry to 4700 BC.

Because of our escalating marketing and new style packaging, people who were hesitant to buy it earlier were picking up the packs and our strategy proved to be effective in driving major sales to the Brand resulting in 30% hike.

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