Campaign Creative

Creating a campaign is like making a new base for your Brand which will be atypical in nature. A great campaign creative should be conspicuous, which will catch the attention of the audience at first sight and keep them engrossed. The campaign should deliver the message straight to the point. Interesting ideas and the way of delivering, should be catchy or trending but also be something fresh at the same time.

Creation of a campaign is a hard row to hoe, but we at Option Designs makes it simpler, easy and fascinating. Creating a campaign is not a daunting task to do if you connect with us.
Our experts work to find the crux of the problem so that they can understand your Brand and product much better and come up with an interesting idea.

We can provide

  • Brand purpose
  • Brand story
  • Organising brand idea (Big idea)
  • Key messages and proof points
  • Personality traits
  • Brand values

Need Campaign Creative?

Our approach in this.
We always envisage building something state of the art, to make your Brand’s campaign standout in the market. As being a Digital creative agency, we can be your best choice, from holding a campaign management to social media experts we tend to keep our track on trends.

What are the steps we take while building a campaign?
Ideation – We receive raw material and the challenge is to turn that material into a whole campaign, which is going to be run on the online and offline platforms. Not just that, we do several brainstorming sessions to come up with that one exciting campaign that thrills us for your Brand. Our team makes sure that the Digital campaign management drives satisfactory traffic to your site.

Strategy – By Strategizing the concept as whole, we understand the approach of a Brand to the crux, it’s every element and the target audience also, to make an approach which will connect to them emotionally. We take several attempts to derive an idea and our team is best in this, they never fail in trying harder again to make a better outcome of it.

Creation – While creating the campaign our expertise dig more to find ways on how to execute the idea. They try to give a different touch to it, on the other hand also considering the fact of Brand tonality. From ‘How and when’ to do the offline and online campaigning management, they research on marketing techniques which will give a boost on your products sales.

Execution – This process consists of making a campaign from the ideas to designing it in the best way possible. Design? Quirky yet simplest enough for the audience to get their attention on it.

Keeping the Brand tonality in mind we make a design which should not be too bright or too dull hitting the right palate of your Brand. Our team gives attention to minor details from selecting the perfect colour match to the best font for it, it is the most arduous task to make the best blend of all the ideas.

Our next take on execution is to put the campaign on the social media sites and driving as much as traffic to the Brand website which will escalate the sales. Also managing the offline campaign which contains posters and hoarding design.

Monitoring – Our social media team keeps on monitoring the campaign till it does not touch the target and also as long as it keeps on engaging the audience.

We make sure that our service will satisfy the customer beyond their imagination. Choose us and our team will be a Boon for your Brand!

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