January 30, 2021
Solis Tractors
June 4, 2020

Slide Konica Minolta’s Repositioned Konica
Minolta as the New Age
Solution Provider


Transform Konica Minolta’s Image from a Printer Box to an innovation-driven brand that delivers solutions that are essential to have in a modern workplace.


Positioning Konica Minolta, not just as a printer brand, but as an idea-driven entity that transforms and digitizes the traditional and modern workplaces to smart offices of the future.


We kept the communication straight forward, telling people that Konica Minolta is much more than just a printer brand. The execution was Brand and Solutions Oriented instead of being Product Oriented. In the design, we ensured that it had the feel of a modern workplace.


The campaign created a lot of buzz and Konica Minolta, got a trail of queries and leads, which resulted in business. Most importantly, Konica Minolta successfully positioned itself as a brand that focuses on New-Age Trends & Technologies, which define the next generation workplaces.

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