Japneet Singh


Taking organizations on a journey and participating in their change and progress has always given Japneet a great deal of delight. He is renowned for pushing himself every day with an unwavering commitment to making Option Designs, India’s most creative and innovative company in business.
He firmly believes that every company has a strategic story to tell, and that every story is unique just like the people who work there. Quick-witted and creative, Japneet has demonstrated his expertise in the communications and creative industries over the course of a ten-year career with a variety of clients, including Solis & Sonalika, Bodycare, TrakNTell, ROF, Raasta & Narayana.
He has always tried to use his potential to achieve something more artistic. Additionally, Japneet’s expertise in marketing and digital technology enables him to participate in a variety of client-related activities.





Other Directors

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Jaspreet Singh

Co-Founder/Creative Director

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