Anurag Mehta


Since 2010, Anurag has served as Option Designs’ co-founder. His aim of developing cutting-edge digital solutions for local and foreign brands inspires the agency. Taking organizations on a journey and contributing to their development and progress always gives him enormous delight. He works tirelessly to make Option Designs the most creative and innovative company in India. He pushes himself every day.

According to him, every company has a strategic story, and every story is as distinctive as the people that inhabit it. Option designs inform it of the proper path to take in order to accomplish legitimate corporate goals. Anurag has worked for a decade with numerous national and international brands, setting an example by being devoted to his clients’ needs and deadlines. Anurag is witty and creative, and he has numerous well-known companies to his names, including Fresca, Asepto, Konica Minolta, Denver, Pour Homes, Singer, Nova, Barista, Cavin Kare, Ecom Express, Fusionnet, and Amway.





Other Directors

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Co-Founder/Creative Director

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